Garanti Koşulları


All of the machines are on under warranty for one month. In the meantime if occurs any problem and there is no any user error, all the repair and part replacement belongs to Andojet. First one year education and technical service is free.

Stability and technology of our all the machines is top level. If our customer value for the all education of our machines, check the instruction manual in the contradictory result, they can use all of the machines for long time without any problem.

Garanti Koşulları


The company for Andojet part printing product between 09:00-18:00 in week days and for digital printing products 24/7 has support and technical service team for its customers. This team provides service for local setup, test production, education and practice for using machines and in the same time provides fast service for all the machine problem. Our support-technical service team was organized to respond to all issues within 24 hours.

Garanti Koşulları


We have huge stock capacity for our all customers and we can make ready all the machine parts within one week at the latest even if the machine is old-fashioned.

After the end of the warranty, our company demand payment for technical service and machine part but we do not demand payment to visit to diagnose problems.